Friday, December 8, 2006

My Inaugural Blog

Okay, here's the first of what may be many entries, or it might be the first and only time I ever post here. Only time will tell...

I'm Dale Atchison, I repair computers in Clearwater, FL and surrounding towns, and I love giving free advice --- it makes me feel like I'm improving the world, one PC at a time. I maintain a website,, where I provide free software that will prevent your computer from ever being infected, compromised, or hijacked again. I didn't write any of the free programs, I just collected them and posted links to them for anyone who would take my advice. The website is simple, even crude by today's standards, but it gets my message out there.

I also answer any and all computer questions put to me via email at I'm not infallible, I freely admit, but so far I have a 100% success rate, meaning I've had no one write back and say they tried my solution and it didn't work. "No news is good news," or so I've heard.

I'll occasionally ramble here about things I've seen or heard, but primarily I've set up this blog just to get people to write me or go visit my website. Wonder if it will work?