Friday, November 23, 2018

Change Is A Good Thing, Right?

Okay... so I got my website from back in 2006.  I read HTML For Dummies, spent a few weeks experomenting and fine-tuning, and created a primitive website... which hasn't changed all that much in the last twelve and a half years.

I didn't change, but my host did.  1and1 got bought/absorbed/merged with Ionos, a German company.  Not sure, but I think 1and1 might have been German, too.  Anyhoo, the cost of owning just the website name increased by 100%; and in a two-step process, the hosting fees for actually storing and displaying the site content increased by 150%.  There were no new features added... instead, my trouble report page disappeared when the new owners decided not to support 'web objects' any longer.  So, less functionality, and the site that cost $82 a year when I was keeping the proceeds for myself costs $200 now that I'm giving every penny I earn fixing computers to a dog rescue...

No, Thanks.  Pretty sure I can do better.  I'm turning off the auto-renewal for the name and the hosting; when the current hosting contract comes up for renewal in May, I'll abandon the site.  They can keep the last six months of the name registration.  I believe my simple site will run from within my blog; I'll do some testing, find out for sure before May.

[addendum:  turns out the new hosting bill was for a year, not the six-month period they used to bill for.  So... the rate hasn't increased as much as I thought it had, but I'll still look at moving, just because there's no good reason to pay for what you might could get for free. Am_I_Right?]

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