Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Software Recommendation

I stumbled across this source of free multimedia software: DVDVideoSoft, from Digital Wave LTD, in Great Britain.  There are 29 different free Windows apps, each with one or two simple functions.  This approach means the apps can be 25-50% smaller, and that means they load faster.

Don't get me wrong: I still love the multimedia apps from Anysoft... I go back and forth between apps from the two companies. I'm just offering alternatives here. The individual apps can be downloaded here:

Digital Wave has created a sort of a packaging app called Free Studio that serves as a shell for the 22 apps they think you will use most often. It's available here:

Some of the apps load automatically, already included in Free Studio. The rest are grouped by category under five headers; clicking on an app that isn't already loaded will start the download and install process for adding it to the studio app.

[after I wrote this post, I tried using one or two of the utilities again.  They're great... but crippled.  To encourage you to buy, the download speed is throttled back to a crawl; you can get useful speed only by buying a license.  As of the day I'm writing this, Thanksgiving Day 2018, there's a sale going on:  ALL of the utilities they offer for a blanket fee of $29 for a year, or $39 for a lifetime site license.  I'm the first to agree that's a bargain basement price, but I'm much too cheap to pay a license fee for a program I can replace elsewhere for free.  Think I'll stick with Anysoft, but I'll leave this post up for anyone who might not be as frugal as I am.]

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